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Sport plays a significant part in school life at Parkgate House.  Led by our Head of Sport, Mr Peacock, and assisted by our skilled Sports Department, our approach is inclusive yet individualised providing ’Sport for All’. 

From football to rowing, our specialist sports staff provide a diverse and engaging curriculum, offering opportunities for every pupil, from Nursery to Prep 6, to grow, develop, and compete, irrespective of age and ability. 

Strong coaching ensures that every pupil thrives, making the most of diverse opportunities across our curriculum sports including but not limited to football, netball, rugby, hockey, cricket, athletics, cross country running, swimming, ballet, karate, and horse riding. 

Nursery classes have 30 minutes of timetabled sport per week. Reception and Pre-Prep have 2 hours 30 minutes per week and Prep have 3 hours per week.  

The timetable includes making full use of local netball, hockey and tennis courts, as well as our nearby sports hall and a 25m swimming pool. Pupils in Prep 3 and 4 enjoy weekly horse riding at Stag Lodge Stables, Richmond Park.  

Beyond promoting a healthy lifestyle and having fun, our curriculum focuses on a well-rounded approach to sports, unlocking each pupil’s potential. At Parkgate, we don’t just teach sport; we inspire a lifelong love for movement, physical activity, and the development of essential life skills. We strive to create a generation of pupils who embrace healthy living and find their path to sporting excellence. 

Our Sports Curriculum fosters a strong sense of community. We believe in collaboration and all our pupils play for their House (Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans) and compete in termly Inter-House competitions and matches culminating in our annual Sports Day in the Summer Term. This collaboration and community spirit extends beyond our gates and Clapham to create a thriving network. 

Equestrian Centre at Stag Lodge.

Our pupils are provided the opportunity to compete in termly external fixtures against a mix of schools across South West London. Fixtures are an opportunity for pupils to extend their knowledge and apply their learning from practice sessions, as well as understanding and developing the importance of sporting values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, collaboration, discipline, and respect.  

Our commitment to community involvement includes alumni, local schools and clubs. Parkgate is more than a school; it is a hub that connects with the wider community. To strengthen this connection, we have introduced the Sports Ambassador Programme. This initiative engages professional clubs and athletes, contributing to the school’s reputation and footprint in the surrounding areas and providing outstanding learning opportunities for our pupils. 

Our Sports Ambassador Programme boasts esteemed individuals such as professional cricket player Laurie Evans and GB Rugby 7’s player Freya Aucken. The program helps to create a bridge between pupils at Parkgate and real-world sporting excellence, offering unique insights and experiences that extend beyond the classroom. This engagement enriches our sports curriculum and leaves a lasting impact on pupils of all ages, shaping them into not only well-educated pupils, but more importantly, well-rounded individuals. 

At Parkgate, we strive for continuous improvement, ensuring our sports curriculum evolves with the changing needs of both the school and society. One significant enhancement is our swimming curriculum, now more focused and individualised. Aligned with the BSA swim stages, this tailored approach ensures that every pupil progresses at their own pace, building confidence and proficiency in the water.  

Another notable development is our annual participation in events such as the Knight Frank Schools Triathlon series. This not only provides pupils with exciting extra-curricular opportunities to showcase their skills but also helps to further develop a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, competition and charity. 

At Parkgate, we understand that education is a dynamic process, and our commitment to enhancing sport extends beyond the curriculum to co-curricular activities outside the school day, including running, karate, football, swimming and sports club. We strive to provide our pupils with a comprehensive and enriching experience, ensuring they not only excel academically but also flourish as well-rounded individuals with a passion for sport, healthy living and an active lifestyle.  

Join us at Parkgate, where community, collaboration and excellence go hand in hand. We are not just educating pupils how to play sport; we are creating a community that values a positive mindset, sportsmanship, teamwork and a lifelong passion for an active lifestyle and healthy living.  

The purple gates of Parkgate signify not just a school but a vibrant community where every pupil plays a vital role in our collective success. 

“Sport is for EVERYONE. The school can take advantage of Clapham Common and the excellent facilities at a local community centre where they have exclusive use during school hours.  My son is able to take tennis lessons through Parkgate but after school on Mondays alongside the excellent range of team sports played throughout the year.”

Parkgate parent 

Knight Frank Schools Triathlon

Prep pupils enjoy taking part in the annual Knight Frank Schools Triathlon at Cranleigh School. In teams of four, children compete in a sprint triathlon; swimming, cycling and running their way through the day. This is a sponsored event and pupils set up a range of additional fundraising opportunities, from bake sales to a netball shooting challenge! This raises money for Restless Development – a charity which helps young people to drive change all around the world – and our chosen local charity – the Royal Trinity Hospice. In 2024, two Parkgate House teams were the top fundraisers at the event – the Cheery Cheerios raised an incredible £1734, and the Speedy Squirrels raised an amazing £1437. One of our teams also came 4th in the Year 3 and 4 competition, of the 117 teams taking part!

Knight Frank Schools Triathlon

Diverse opportunities across our curriculum sports

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