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Gifted & Talented

At Parkgate House, provisions are in place for any pupils that present themselves as “gifted and talented”. Pupils can be recognised as having a strength in a particular subject such as maths, science, sport, art or music or some pupils may be identified as being gifted across all subjects. These pupils are then challenged further through broadening their weekly timetable and extending their work to develop a depth of knowledge in their subjects. Talented musicians are given the opportunity for public performances and to gain a Music Scholarship at the School. If the talents exist in sport, pupils can enjoy extra coaching and access to national training squads. 

Some pupils on the Gifted and Talented Register will be invited to attend the Critical Thinking Club. The Club encourages pupils to think ‘outside the box’ and develop their independence to move their own learning forwards. Members will have the opportunity to complete projects that extend their understanding of the world in a way that challenges them beyond the usual curriculum. For example, recent projects have included an introduction to quantum physics in which pupils constructed a model of an atom, and renewable energy, involving the construction of a solar-powered robot and wind-powered turbine. Pupils are given the freedom to present and complete work how they choose and develop their justification and higher order thinking skills. 

All of our gifted and talented pupils are regularly monitored and supported by our staff to ensure that they truly fulfil their potential, and the majority secure scholarships to their chosen senior schools.

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