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Pre-Prep Concert Highlights

Prep Concert Highlights

Drama Curriculum

The Parkgate House Drama curriculum is designed to engage students in a transformative and immersive learning experience centred around the exploration of human emotions, relationships, and social dynamics. Through a combination of practical exercises, performance opportunities and accessible theoretical study, pupils will develop their creativity, empathy, communication skills and self-confidence while gaining a deeper understanding of the subject. In Drama, we aim to: 

Develop Emotional Intelligence: Encourage students to explore and express a wide range of emotions through dramatic activities, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions and empathise with others. 
Enhance Communication Skills: Improve verbal and nonverbal communication techniques through improvisation, dialogue work, and physical expression, enabling students to convey their thoughts and emotions effectively. 
Foster Collaboration and Teamwork: Cultivate a sense of ensemble and cooperation among students by engaging them in group projects, ensemble-based performances, and collaborative problem-solving exercises. 
Cultivate Creativity and Imagination: Encourage students to think critically, take risks, and embrace their imagination through improvisation, character development, and storytelling activities. 
Build Self-Confidence: Provide opportunities for students to present their work, take on challenging roles, and receive constructive feedback, fostering self-assurance and resilience. 
Explore Cultural and Historical Perspectives: Introduce students to a diverse range of dramatic works from different cultures, time periods, and theatrical styles, promoting a broader understanding of human experiences and perspectives. 
Develop Analytical Thinking: Encourage students to analyse dramatic texts, performances, and theatrical techniques, enabling them to develop a critical eye and articulate their interpretations. 
Engage in Reflective Practice: Encourage students to reflect on their own artistic growth, collaboration experiences, and personal insights gained throughout the curriculum, promoting self-awareness and continuous learning. 
Acting Techniques: Introduce students to fundamental acting techniques, including voice modulation, physicality, characterisation, and improvisation exercises. 
Script Analysis: Teach students how to analyse dramatic texts, explore subtext, identify themes, and develop character profiles, enabling them to interpret and bring scripts to life. 
Ensemble Work: Engage students in group activities and exercises that promote teamwork, trust-building, and ensemble-based performances. 
Performance Opportunities: Provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills and creativity through performances such as scene work, monologues, and ensemble productions. 
Social Issues and Theatre: Explore the intersection of drama and social issues, encouraging students to create and perform original works that raise awareness and provoke critical thinking. 

Methods of assessment include performance evaluations, peer assessments, self-reflections, and participation in group discussions. Individual progress and growth will be assessed based on artistic development, teamwork, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities. 

The Parkgate House Drama curriculum aims to inspire students to become compassionate, creative and critically engaged individuals. By delving into the depths of human emotions, relationships, and societal dynamics, students will develop invaluable skills and gain a profound understanding of themselves and the world around them through the transformative power of drama. 

“The performance was absolutely remarkable. It is not an easy task to choreograph such a complex and engaging routine for 6-7-year-olds. The children performed with such enthusiasm and confidence. We are grateful for your continued dedication to promoting self-confidence through art and expression. It is evident that these experiences are shaping our children into well-rounded, confident individuals who are not afraid to express themselves and explore their talents. Once again, thank you for putting together such an unforgettable show.”

Parkgate parent

“Drama is a real stand out at the school – the Head of Drama writes plays for the children for the Parents’ Assemblies and the shows (for Pre-Prep, Prep 3 and 4 and Prep 5 and 6).  Every child gets a role and speaking part.  The children of Pre-Prep 2 (6- and 7-year-olds) are better public speakers than some of my colleagues running divisions of a FTSE 100 business!”

Parkgate parent 
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