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Pupil Responsibilities

One of the many benefits of being a relatively small school is being able to provide particular recognition to all pupils for their strengths, interests and passions. Multiple roles and responsibilities are offered to pupils throughout the school and particularly as they move further up into the Prep department. We encourage our pupils to be independent, responsible and confident individuals and this is supported by the many positions of responsibility available.  These responsibilities help our children to develop key skills such as leadership skills, communication skills and teamwork skills. 

Our student committees include the School Council, Online Safety Committee, Reading Council and the Eco Committee. For each committee, elections are held in class at the start of the year from Pre-Prep 1 to Prep 6, and one or two representatives are chosen by their classes in a democratic system each year. These representatives meet every half term and ensure that pupil voice is heard in all areas of school leadership. In Pre-Prep 2, two children are also chosen to be Playground Monitors: an honourable position which involves supporting peers at playtime and taking particular care of playground equipment.  

As children progress to the later years in Prep, they gain the opportunity to be elected as a House Captain or Vice House Captain. This is a thorough election process with pupils preparing and giving speeches in assembly and creating a campaign poster which is displayed in school. It greatly supports pupils’ public speaking skills and boosts their confidence. Other positions of responsibility offered in the older year groups include Peer Mentors, who assist younger year groups, School Journalists, who write for our school magazine, Sports Captain, Head Chorister and Head Boy or Girl. 

It is often the case that in Prep 6, all pupils will have a particular role or responsibility for which they wear a badge, helping to instil a sense of purpose and pride and providing excellent preparation for their senior school journey ahead. 

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