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School is about learning but it’s also about having fun. We want our Pre-Prep pupils (in Pre-Prep 1/Year 1 and Pre-Prep 2/Year 2) to have the best start to their education and to really enjoy school life. That’s why our staff make learning an adventure, an exciting journey of wonder, experimentation and discovery, and of course, like with any adventure, there are a few challenges to meet along the way.  As well as opening our pupils’ eyes to the wider world around them they get to know that on their learning journey from Pre-Prep to Prep 6 they are never alone. The atmosphere in our Pre-Prep is one of kindness and care. With small classes throughout the school our teachers get to know every one of our pupils very well so that they can nurture and provide individual support, and we really do work together as a family. Making new friends and sharing ideas, opinions and achievements together in class builds confidence and respect for each other’s views; sometimes there can be more than one answer to a puzzle or another way of looking at things and we can all learn from each other’s different perspective. We encourage pupils to “have a go”.  We show children how mistakes can have a positive result in the end and our pupils are taught the skills of problem solving, of never giving up, and how resilience is rewarded.  

Our school is a safe, caring and happy place to learn and we believe these are the right ingredients to instil in our pupils a love of learning for years to come.  

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Mrs Lara Smiles 
Head of Early Years and Pre-Prep 

Learning in Pre-Prep 

A Pre-Prep day is active, fun and full of discovery. Pupils quickly settle into the routine of a full and inspiring timetable.  Each class has a dedicated form teacher and support from a teaching assistant (TA). Pupils also receive lessons each week from specialist teachers who teach them for sport, French, art, ballet or karate, drama and music. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is woven into lessons; for instance, pupils are introduced to coding as they enhance their computing skills or graphic design in IT lessons. Core skills in English and maths are developed through our mastery approach, which encourages depth of understanding.  

The school day begins with individual morning activities including support with High Frequency Words and number skills. Additional teachers join the class teacher and TA to facilitate a very targeted approach to learning. Pupils work towards goals and milestones and are rewarded with a certificate, presented during assembly, at each key achievement point. Weekly assemblies also provide an opportunity to celebrate the pupils who receive our ‘Pupil of the Week’ award and the winners of the Virtues certificate. 

Pupils work in small groups during their Power Reading sessions every day, usually four or five children with a teacher, which helps to accelerate their learning and enjoyment of reading. Pupils are also supported daily through group work for Phonics sessions. 

Homework is introduced at the Pre-Prep stage, but is done so to ensure it is a continuation of the fun and  stress-free environment created in class. Homework is set once a week on a Friday and includes some reading, English and maths or occasionally a topic-based activity. 

Developing a healthy lifestyle is promoted through sports sessions and swimming, and pupils have the chance to study either ballet or karate which they choose following a taster session at the start of Pre-Prep 1 (PP1 / Year 1).  Healthy lifestyles are also promoted through science and PSHE (Personal Social and Heath Education) to develop and build on pupils’ knowledge at age appropriate levels. 

Learning in the Pre-Prep is enriched by a variety of trips and workshops; for example, visits to Kew Gardens, the Tower of London and the Tate Modern. Not only are these trips educational but they are extremely fun too and definitely contribute to creating lifelong memories of happy school days. 

Pupils take part in the Pre-Prep concert and Parent Assemblies every year to showcase their learning and encourage confidence through drama, public speaking and self-expression. These events are always a highlight of the year for pupils and parents alike. 

By the end of pupils’ time in our Pre-Prep Department, they enjoy taking ownership of their learning and are themselves ambitious with their individual goals. They have developed the self-confidence, resilience and independence they need to thrive in our Prep Department, ensuring that they are ready for the transition to Prep. 

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