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The House System

Children join a House when they reach Pre-Prep 1. They are guided by our House Captains and Vice Captains, who are elected by their peers after putting themselves forward in the House Campaign.  Our House system provides fantastic opportunities for children in different year groups to work together, further strengthening the Parkgate community.  House events also help the children to develop important life skills such as teamwork skills, communication skills and leadership skills, as well as a sense of competitive House spirit.  

Pupils work hard to earn merits for their respective house. Merits are awarded for excellent behaviour or effort and, when a child has earned 5 merits, these become a House Point, which are recorded weekly. There are also Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to work towards and if a child earns 50 House Points in a year, this incredible achievement is recognised through our Headmaster’s Award. Our House Captains and Vice Captains also arrange challenges throughout the year which include a Christmas Tree Decoration Competition, quizzes linked to key school activities and sporting events. 

In the Autumn Term, our annual House Fun Run takes place on Clapham Common. Children come dressed in their House colours and earn points for their House in the tug of war, which takes place at the end of the run. This wonderful event raises funds for one of our key school charities, the Royal Trinity Hospice. 

In the Spring Term, we hold our House Swimming Gala at the Latchmere.  Pupils compete and earn points for their House, creating an exciting sense of competition and House spirit which Parkgate parents also enjoy watching.  

Also in the Spring Term, Prep children work together in their Houses for both their Enrichment and Curriculum Focus sessions. These are wonderful opportunities for pupils to work with other year groups, encouraging camaraderie and teamwork. Our Enrichment and Curriculum Focus sessions also provide excellent opportunities for learning beyond the confines of the curriculum.  Recent Enrichment and Curriculum Focus topics have included Indigenous Tribes, Oceans and Seas, Survival Skills and Horticulture. 

In the Summer Term, our Sports Day is held at the Millennium Arena in Battersea Park, which is a fantastic space for pupils to utilise professional-standard athletics facilities, and for Parkgate parents to enjoy watching and cheering the children on!  At this event, medals contribute to House Points for each House, and the winning House earns the Sports Day Cup which is momentously held up by the House and Vice Captain on the podium at the end of the event. 

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