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The Prep Department at Parkgate House is a vibrant and exciting place for children to learn, with a rich, dynamic and challenging curriculum for children in Prep 3 to Prep 6 (Year 3 to Year 6).  Core to our teaching is ensuring that our pupils gain the self-confidence, independence and key skills they need to fulfil their potential and gain the academic and personal success they deserve. 

Each year, all Prep pupils experience a two-night residential stay at PGL in Marchant’s Hill, Surrey during the Autumn Term, and pupils have the freedom to expand their learning by working in teams, making decisions, and by becoming resilient to obstacles and challenges.  These trips often provide some of the most memorable moments of each academic year! 

Back at school, the classroom our pupils learn in is a safe, happy, well-resourced space where we make learning fun and exciting. Our pupils enjoy a rich curriculum of Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, RE, French, Latin, Art, Drama, IT, PSHE, Sport, Ballet or Karate, Horse Riding (in Prep 3 and 4) and Swimming. Specialist teaching and small class sizes ensure that teaching and learning is tailored to the needs of the children, enabling pupils to make excellent progress within a happy and supportive learning environment. Resilience is a key part of our learning journey and we are continually finding ways to increase the resilience and well-being of our pupils, whether through workshops or trips or creating opportunities in school.  

The extra-curricular life in the Prep school is equally effervescent, offering a wide range of clubs. Whether a keen sportsperson, avid scientist or musical mastermind there is an array of extra-curricular activities to suit every interest.  

Children have numerous opportunities to develop key skills for learning and for life, such as teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills, both within lessons and beyond.  There are also many opportunities to develop leadership skills and all pupils have the opportunity to be elected into a student council, including the Eco Committee, School Council, Reading Council and Online Safety Committee. Furthermore, pupils in Prep 5 and 6 will run for House Captain or Vice House Captain for one of the four Houses: the Romans, Aztecs, Egyptians and Greeks; and there are numerous other leadership roles such as being a School Journalist, Peer Mentor or Head Boy/Girl. 

During the Prep years, the children also begin to look ahead to their senior school journey, and at Parkgate House we are highly experienced in supporting children and families with the application process. To help each pupil secure a place at the senior school most suited to his or her skills, we provide a full programme of support activities in preparation for entrance examinations, which is delivered in a manner designed to bring out the best in each child naturally – without unnecessary pressure. It is testament to our experience, expertise and commitment that our pupils typically go on to succeed at some of the country’s most prestigious and well-respected senior schools. 

Creating well-rounded, highly capable individuals, our Prep environment encourages all pupils to flourish, enjoy school and to have lots of fun along the way. 

Mrs Lizzie Lyon
Head of Prep 

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