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At Parkgate House, Science is about trying to find the answers to real life questions in a fun, practical and meaningful way.  Our pupils are encouraged to explore and investigate in order to have a greater understanding and appreciation of how science has changed, and continues to change, our lives. Tasks are set to challenge inquisitive minds, reward perseverance, promote collaboration, encourage respect for others opinions and value evaluation. 

As they explore key concepts, pupils are encouraged to recognise and suggest rational explanations, and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world around them. They learn to understand how the scientific method can be used to explain observations, make predictions and to suggest further exploration and research. 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) is at the heart of our teaching. We strongly believe that Science allows for cross-curricular learning, experimentation, fascination and creativity. It enables us to prepare our pupils for an ever-changing world and paves the way towards many exciting opportunities and career prospects. 

Parkgate pupils have the opportunity to further broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills in extra-curricular Science and STEAM clubs, by entering competitions and during our annual Science Week. We enjoy celebrating British Science Week every year as pupils across the school  take part in a range of exciting activities and practical investigations experiencing what it’s like to be a scientist. Exploration beyond the classroom, visits to the Science Museum and talks by visiting speakers such as Dr Brian Cox have been a highlight of previous Science Weeks. Science and engineering competitions also help our pupils to explore topical science issues. Pupils from Nursery 2 (Cygnets) to Prep 6 enjoy taking part in the annual Leaders Award ‘If You Were An Engineer’ Competition, with pupils coming  up with a broad range of interesting and innovative ideas to solve a problem they find important. Every year an impressive number of Parkgate children receive certificates as Winners or Highly Commended entries, and the children have enjoyed seeing their entries on display as part of the exhibition at Kingston University.

Exploring and investigating

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