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All of our pupils are encouraged on a daily basis to explore and discover new skills which will enrich their learning and their lives. In addition, during the Spring Term, our Prep pupils participate in the Enrichment Programme to extend and apply their learning based on various practical challenges and projects. Each year a new topic is introduced and the children are given the opportunity to complete a number of activities around this. Previous topics include Save the Planet, Survival, When I Grow Up and Indigenous Tribes. This exciting programme enables pupils to explore topics they wouldn’t usually learn about within the curriculum and take a more creative approach to their learning, discovering new experiences and interests. Many lessons include debate, art and drama and lessons promote a sense of independence with much of the learning being pupil-led. Trips and workshops are often organised to support the children’s learning, and have included a survival skills session run by army volunteers on Wimbledon Common, and a ‘jobs fair’ set up in school featuring guest speakers. This enrichment project gives the children a greater breadth of knowledge within their learning, as well as encouraging resilience and teamwork. It is also a lot of fun, which is perhaps most important of all. 

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