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Art & Design

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Taught as a well-defined specialist subject, Art and Design at Parkgate House provides every pupil with the opportunity to explore all aspects of their creativity and allows them to flourish as individuals.  We are committed to broadening pupils’ understanding of the world and the ways in which Art and Design bring people together.  Art and Design at Parkgate House is a highly valued and exciting subject.    

Weekly lessons in small, focused groups allow each pupil to receive valuable and specific feedback. Our fully equipped Art Room offers pupils an environment that buzzes with creativity and passion for developing their ideas and thought processes. With a balance between explicitly teaching fundamental skills and offering the freedom to explore ideas through sketchbook work, the curriculum encourages independence and individuality.  Through the use of colour, texture, form, materials and processes the pupils give creative expression to what they see and how they feel. 

Our children’s creativity is celebrated through the many displays of our pupils’ work throughout the school, by exhibiting our pupils’ work in live and online public galleries, and by entering Art and Design competitions.   

With a strong focus on cultural capital, our broad curriculum provides students with a bank of cultural experiences and exposure to a range of artists from varying backgrounds and ethnicities, both historical and contemporary. We love making the most of our home – London – and the ever-changing opportunities it offers. Trips to museums and galleries help to inspire pupils and give them contextual understanding. We also take the opportunity to visit our local community centre when creating collaborative art and are thrilled to have artists visiting Parkgate House to provide workshops.  

Skills taught across the subject consist of Drawing, Sketchbook work, Printmaking, Sculpture, Design, Painting, Crafts, Textiles, Multimedia and Digital Art. Additionally, we create cross-curricular links with other areas of learning across the school to transfer skills and further understanding. Every pupil records their work in a sketchbook which helps them to develop their ideas and express individuality. This prepares them for continued study at senior school.    

All pupils are supported and encouraged in their talents and passions. If a pupil shows commitment and exceptional talent within the visual arts, we support them in applying for an art scholarship alongside their senior school application.   

To encourage leadership skills and responsibility, our Arts Council consists of a team of dedicated Prep students. They meet weekly to discuss and enhance art at Parkgate and provide lunchtime activities for other students. Additionally, for any child who is keen to develop their skills further, we offer a range of extra-curricular clubs such as Art Club and Needlework Club.  

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