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Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) has an important role in the Parkgate House curriculum.  We are a non-denomenational school and we welcome families of all faiths and none.  Religious and cultural celebrations are embedded within school life through assemblies, workshops and events such as Languages Day and Diversity Week, in addition to RE lessons. 

Beginning in Nursery and Reception, children learn about the diversity of faiths and cultures in the world, from Christianity and Buddhism to Islam and Judaism. Considering the role of festivals, such as why Hindus celebrate Divali and the relevance of Easter for Christians, the children gain breadth as well as depth of insight. Philosophical ideas are tackled across the year groups through key questions, with children encouraged to think about how different religious values can be applicable to their own lives. Through discussion, role play and creative activities, the children are encouraged to share their own opinions and questions. Knowledge of a huge range of values and beliefs, locally and worldwide, helps our pupils to understand and respect those around them.  

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