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Trips & Workshops

At Parkgate House, our children enjoy a wide variety of trips and workshops which complement and extend the dynamic and diverse curriculum being covered in the classroom. Our aim is to run trips and workshops to bring to life what our children are learning and they enable our pupils to develop their skills and put into practice their knowledge and understanding, whilst also having a lot of fun. 

All children at Parkgate House are involved in these experiences, which range from visits to our local library, as part of our commitment to foster a love for reading, to whole department residential trips to activity camps such as PGL, where the focus is on developing skills such as resilience, teamwork and collaboration. Over the course of the year, children might enjoy author visits, sculpture workshops, trips to Kew Gardens or the Tower of London, whole class theatre experiences and specialist language or sports workshops, to name just a few. 

With our enviable central London location, the children at Parkgate House have access to a huge array of galleries, museums, theatres and historical landmarks. We make full use of these, ensuring each term is rich with a plethora of experiences on offer. 

With the impetus on bringing learning to life, our trips and workshops are carefully selected and regularly reviewed to ensure our children are getting the very best opportunities to develop their interests and passions further and to help develop a broad range of skills. 

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