Montessori Nursery


Montessori Nursery, 2½ - 4 years “Secure and happy, our Nursery puts in place the foundations for future success.”

Our Montessori Nursery isn’t simply a happy, safe environment, where children learn through activity; they are allowed to develop at their own pace and are made to feel confident and able to achieve.

Through the use of specialist teachers, subjects such as French, music, art, ballet and drama are gently and carefully brought to life.

Following the Early Years’ national curriculum for the foundation years, each day includes a wide range of activities to help develop each child’s physical, cognitive and social skills.

The building blocks necessary for future successes in reading, writing and number work are established, and simple, fun activities develop coordination and fine motor skills.

Class projects, plays, nature walks, educational visits and workshops by artists and musicians are used to enrich the learning process. We also begin each child’s discovery into the world of science, art, craft, music and play, and early computer skills are introduced. There is also the opportunity to join after-school clubs in sport, swimming and drama.


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